Meet the small team behind Over Lunch

Over Lunch is the natural product of two good friends, Hana and Nathan, who both recognize the importance of making meaningful connections. They both observed how challenging it is to reach beyond your social circles when you’re busy working. 

"Wouldn't it be nice to meet new people over lunch?"

From that simple question, Hana and Nathan came up with a plan to connect people over lunch for fun and networking opportunities. When they say networking, they don't mean networking in the traditional sense. They believe that people come first, and business comes second. Living abroad, they have realized the value and necessity of fostering meaningful relationships. 


Born and raised in Canada by a Japanese father and a Taiwanese mother, Hana grew up in a very multicultural environment. After working in content development and coordinating international projects for 10 years in South Korea, Hana is back in Canada, where she is working to bring Over Lunch to North America. In her free time, Hana likes to go running and enjoys good food and drinks, whether it's a meal she has cooked herself or an evening out, and always in the company of good friends.


Richard Whitten
Communications Advisor

With a background in training and communication, Richard started work as an English teacher before transitioning to corporate training and freelance copy writing. He enjoys anything that combines people and words. He also writes occasional articles on travel and politics for anyone who'll publish him.


Born in the US but raised in France, Nathan is equally at home in both countries. He moved to South Korea shortly after graduating from college and has lived there for 10 years. He has traveled to more than 30 countries and lived on four continents. Nathan is experienced in HR, recruiting, and managing global operations. Outside of work, Nathan loves to socialize and entertain friends at home. In quieter moments, he tends his small rooftop garden and loves to watch the Cardinals win.