Upcoming Events in Seoul, South Korea

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Past Events

The Over Lunch community in Seoul welcomed the new year on a very cold evening on January 11. It was truly a night of meaningful networking as well as a night of exciting prizes from BrewDog, Vineworks Korea, Shuttle, Wonderful, SpoonMe, Crave Sandwiches, and Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. Thank you to Anuj Madan and Tom Rigby for capturing the night.

The best wines are the ones you drink with friends. On March 18, Over Lunch teamed up with Vineworks Korea for a fun day of tasting exotic new wines with an accompanying splendid buffet. It was a great day for eating, drinking, meeting new people, and being merry!



During the Lunar New Year, most businesses are closed. People travel to their hometowns or abroad, leaving a few in the city with not much to do. So for this long weekend, Over Lunch joined up with Dominic to provide amazing Korean pot roast sandwich melts & craft beer. It was the perfect Sunday evening to mingle and connect with the Over Lunch community. Thank you to Anuj Madan for the amazing photos!

What better way to forget the January cold for awhile than with a meal of Cali/Mex food at Itaewon's CALI Kitchen? And that's exactly what the Over Lunch community did. Chef Chuck laid out a fantastic meal of chipotle chicken tacos, guacamole, salsa, mouth-watering short rib sliders, and bacon-wrapped dates. Oh, and we mustn't forget the crisp, flavorful white sangria. You know, just to complete the wishful summer vibe. Thanks to Anuj Madan for the great photos !


Over Lunch returned for December with a Mexican feast at El Pino 323. The restaurant's owner, Chef D, served up a festive spread of carnitas tacos, enchiladas, rice, beans and salsa, washed down with Mexican beer and homemade horchata. The Over Lunch verdict: El Pino 323 serves up some of the city's most authentic - and delicious - Mexican food.


A "dipnic" is a picnic where everyone brings a dip to share. The Over Lunch Dipnic went down at the Han River on a spectacularly clear and pleasant summer afternoon. Everyone mingled while enjoying an array of tasty homemade dips and snacks, plus a fantastic selection of bagels from Pick A Bagel. As the afternoon drifted toward evening, there was also blind wine tasting courtesy of Vineworks Korea, and Shuttle Delivery came through with a delivery for anyone who needed a post-dip meal. Overall, it was possibly the best dipnic in the long history of dipnics.


It was still only May, but it felt like high summer. Of course, the Over Lunch crowd is up for a good time in any weather. But nevertheless, it was lucky the Hand and Malt Taphouse had a plentiful supply of cooling drinks on offer and a breezy terrace on which to enjoy them. An afternoon spent with some of Seoul's best beer, and dare we say it, some of Seoul's best people? Yes, the answer is always yes.


On a pleasant Saturday afternoon, the Over Lunch Seoul community welcomed spring with coffee, tea, and tasty baked treats at CommComm Bakery Cafe in Yongsan, proving that you don't need alcohol to meet new people and have a good time. Perhaps it was the sunny weather or the spacious, open design of the Communique building - perhaps it was something in the cookies - but despite the 50+ people attending the event, it felt more intimate than crowded.


Amuse-bouches is French for... hors d'oeuvres, and it was standing room only at La Planque, a French restaurant in Itaewon that does food and atmosphere with authenticity and down-to-earth charm. 30 Over Lunch friends spent a cheerful Wednesday evening mingling over wine, oysters, cheese, and a range of charcuterie. You'd be hard-pressed to decide which was better--the food, the wine, or the conversation.


The Over Lunch Year End Soirée was a fun, relaxed way to end an incredible year. Sujak, a cozy little makgeolli bar near Kyodae, provided a warm, intimate setting. About 25 people - including old friends and new - enjoyed great food and conversation together (and more than a few bowls of makgeolli). It was a great way to usher in Christmas and farewell Over Lunch's first year.