Article: Networking Lessons From Unexpected Places


Networking Lessons From Unexpected Places written by Margaret Molloy for Forbes provides key behaviors of three professions—journalist, philanthropist, and athlete—and applies them to successful and meaningful networking. 

Here's a quick overview of what you can apply from the different fields: 

Journalist: Actively listen, uncover stories, and cultivate diverse contacts.
Philanthropist: Be aware of needs, align passions, and maintain long-term relationships.
Athlete: Set goals, be consistent, and find a coach/mentor.

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Article: How Your Lunch Can Be A Great Networking Opportunity

The article "How Your Lunch Can Be A Great Networking Opportunity", posted on the Over Lunch Facebook page last year, was shared quite a few times-- and for good reason. 

Many find themselves too busy to take a proper lunch break, but lunch is a great opportunity to not only take a break from work, but to also network and meet new people. Some may argue that networking and meeting new people feels like work. And if you feel the same way, read the last post. 

You don't need to use every lunch break to network, but why not make a goal to use one or two lunches a week to meet somebody new? Who knows where you're next lunch break will lead?

Article: Learn to Love Networking

This article written by Harvard Business Review highlights that although networking comes with a negative connotation, it's a necessity in today's world.

Over Lunch is about using technology to bring people together in the real world. Meeting new people over lunch from different industries and backgrounds is a great way to make real and meaningful connections.

With the Over Lunch app, who knows who you'll meet? What great conversations you'll have? What great things will happen? 

Here's an excerpt from the article:
You can tell yourself, “I hate these kinds of events. I’m going to have to put on a show and schmooze and pretend to like it.” Or you can tell yourself, “Who knows—it could be interesting. Sometimes when you least expect it, you have a conversation that brings up new ideas and leads to new experiences and opportunities.” 

Article: 7 Ways to Better Networking

Read this great article written by Ivan Misner for Entrepreneur. He identifies the top seven characteristics and behaviors that people like to see in a great networker based on his survey results. 

The first one is being a good listener. Misner says "A good networker has two ears and one mouth -- and should use them proportionately".

Read the article for more and try implementing them more in your next Over Lunch meeting or Over Lunch event in your city. 

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