Over Lunch is a way to meet new people and make meaningful connections - online and in person. Use the Over Lunch app to find and connect with like-minded professionals.




Beautifully designed, your Over Lunch profile combines the stylish simplicity of a business card with the digital connectivity of a networking app.

Write a brief bio, upload a profile pic, and specify your work location. You can also add tags based on your professional and personal interests to help find like-minded people.

Once you've made a profile, you can search for other users by location and browse profiles. Looking to connect with a designer? Find one who works near you and get in touch. Find someone interesting who works on the same block - invite them to lunch.

Meet new people. Start a conversation. Make great things happen.

Note: An app was developed for users in Seoul in 2015. However, while beautifully designed, the app sadly had limited functionality. Currently, we are developing a brand-new Over Lunch app that doesn't just look good, but also provides the full user experience. Subscribe to get the latest news and updates!

Wherever you are in life right now, and whatever you know, is a result of the ideas, experiences, and people you have interacted with in your life.
— Keith Ferrazzi